The journey into photography may be a bit of a strange one. It originated purely as an idea to expand his social media presence for his music career. However, over time the interest in photography grew, albeit it was in the background and he hardly noticed. As time went on and phones upgraded, he spent more time on each photo, making sure they always had the right angle and lighting. In 2017 he purchased his first camera, a Fujifilm XT-20 and the photography took off. It dominated his life and set him on a positive path of getting out of his shell, breaking anxieties and discovering the world.


Jesse's real musical journey began in late 2011, after years of listening and slowly falling in love with electronic music he purchased his first piece of DJ equipment, the Native Instruments Kontrol S4. His first set was a private party alongside Toronto icon Carlo Lio. Since then he has focused heavily on music production, though he still DJ's in local bars and clubs from time to time.